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iPhone The West

In 1977, my family set off for a classic two-week summer vacation out West. Seven-years old at the time, my memories of that journey are a mixture of old photographs and nostalgia spinning in my head.

This summer, I chose to explore many of those same parks and roadside attractions, searching for the clouded memory of vistas and experiences that made up a family’s vacation.

I wanted these images to capture an instant timelessness contained in a simple snapshot. For this approach, I chose to photograph everything using my cell phone, an iPhone 4 with the phone app called Hipstomatic. The application creates an image with a vignette, color-cast and square format, wrapped in Polaroid like borders, looking like it came straight out of my grandmother’s photo album.

While not having access to the typical technical controls of a professional camera, I focused all of my attention on the subject and searched out the timeless dream of An American West Vacation.